Creating a Quiz

Creating quizzes on Pushkin is straightforward. Start in the root of the Pushkin directory and follow the below steps.

Make and setup the basics of a quiz by running the following commands.

pushkin make [quiz name]

There is now a new folder in quizzes/quizzes called [quiz name]. Inside the db_migrations folder are files detailing the default database structure. The db_seeds folder contains initial data to insert into the database. Modify either of these to best fit your quiz, or leave them alone to be dealt with later. Once you’re satisfied with them, run pushkin prep to update the files and then pushkin migrate and pushkin seed to connect to the main database with connection information in pushkin_env_file.

Next, run the following commands to build the docker containers and create a finalized version of the docker compose file that contains your new quiz. See Pushkin CLI to learn more about these commands.

pushkin build all pushkin make compose