Pushkin CLI

The Pushkin CLI comes packaged in the repo. Setup instructions can be found in Starting a Pushkin Project.

Variables relating to file structure and naming practices can be found in ‘.pushkin/pushkin_config_vars.sh’.

Pushkin has the following nested commands:



Creates a new quiz with all the required basic components. Pass the quiz name as an argument as follows: pushkin make quiz [quiz name]. Spaces and other special characters should be avoid. Note that the name seen by end users of the website can be changed to have special characters if needed by modifying the quizzes page in the front end. Generated quizzes are stored in pushkin_user_quizzes, ‘quizzes/quizzes’ by default.


Creates the file specified by pushkin_docker_compose_noDep_file, replacing all docker variables set in .env as well as appending quiz compose files from the quizzes directory. Uses pushkin_docker_compose_file for the original compose file.


Handles moving files and writing information to the various components of Pushkin infrastructure. This command allows for all quiz-related information to be consolidated in the quizzes folder.

It moves all quiz files from pushkin_user_quizzes/[quiz name] to their appropriate locations in the api, cron, front end, etc. and generates a quizzes.js (pushkin_front_end_quizzes_list) file in the front end.


Compiles the front end using the command specified by pushkin_front_end_compile_cmd.

Moves the compiled files from pushkin_front_end_dist to pushkin_server_html.


Connects to the main database specified in pushkin_env_file and runs knex migrations from the db-worker’s directory.


Connects to the main database specified in pushkin_env_file and runs knex seeds from the db-worker’s directory.


[core container]

Builds the docker container specified by [core container] where [core container] is one of “api”, “cron”, “dbworker”, or “server”.


Builds all the core docker containers.


Builds each quiz’s worker by looping through the pushkin_user_quizzes folder, each folder name being used as the quiz name. The tags given each quiz are templated as follows:

[image_prefix]/[quiz name][pushkin_user_quizzes_docker_suffix]:[image_tag]

where image_prefix and image_tag are specified in the docker ‘.env’ file, pushkin_user_quizzes_docker_suffix is set in the pushkin config vars, and the quiz name based off the current folder in the quizzes directory.


Does both of the above steps.



Pushes the api, cron, server, and db worker containers to docker hub.


Loops through the pushkin_user_quizzes folder and uses the same templating as in the pushkin build quizzes to push each image to docker hub.


Uses the AWS CLI to sync pushkin_front_end_dist with s3_bucket_name. Note that this means you must have installed and set up the AWS CLI.


Does all of the above steps.


A small convenience utility. Runs docker-compose up on pushkin_docker_compose_noDep_file.


Runs npm install in the api, front-end, and db-worker directories as specified by their variable names in pushkin_config_vars.sh.